Round2hell (R2h) Nazim, Wasim, Zayan Biography all Details 2021

Round2hell is one of the popular entertainment YouTube channel of India run by three friends. The three friends viz Nazim, Wasim and Zayan make vines and comedy skits on the popular YouTube channel Round2hell

In fact the channel has grown from 20 viewers for nearly a year to one among the top 10 channels of India. These guys are indeed a source of inspiration for many youngsters. 

Round2hell members

Childhood and Education

Zayan Saifi was born on12 February, 1996 in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh India. He did his schooling from PMS Inter school.

Nazim Ahmed was also born on 1 September 1996, in Muradabad india. He did his schooling from Public Modern school there

Even Wasim Ahmad was also born on 12 July 1996 in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh India. His dis hid schooling from Alam Inter college, Muradabad. 

In fact these three friends are from the Pakwara village of Muradabad district in India. 

Early life story 

Round2hell men

Inspite of them being from different schools they were good friends in between. The YouTube channel was in fact originally started by Nazim Ahmed. Actually he and Wasim is highly interested in Football and thus used to upload dribbling skills and football tips there. He got only maximum of about 50 views on his first video but never stop uploading them. 

Beginning of Round2hell

Even after uploading so many videos Nazim was unable to gather the viewer’s attention. Being frustated from it he once had also started thinking of leaving YouTube. However he consulted his two best friends who would used to help him in making videos too.

Nazim and Wasim gave him the idea of making comedy vines as they were popular during that time. And thus it is how the channel Round2hell was started in 2016. 

Naming as Round2hell

R2h guys

The name Round2hell was in fact given by Zayan. In the previous day before creating the channel he had performed a round car drift and uploaded the video in his Instagram account.

While having conversation about what would happen if he had losed his grip there. He replied ” I would broke my arms, legs and go to hell”. This sentence struck his mind and along with the round drift the name Round2hell was kept. 

Success story of Round2hell 

Round2hell  slowly started gaining popularity. Their first video was titled as “photo caption par  ‘Pagli’ likhne wale” which got about 120 views in a day.  But it was not according to thier expectations and they were demotivated once again. Afterwards they met a guy named Alam Saifi who Motivated them to pursue a creer in YouTube and also gifted them a tripod.

But the video which bought first million views for them was titled as ‘ Jio users after 31  March ‘. Jio the leading telecom company was about to end their free data offer after 31 March. 

The three friends of Round2hell

Zayan Saifi
NameShahrukh Khan
NicknameZayan Saifi
Birth date12 February, 1996
EducationPMS Public School, Moradabad
HobbiesTravelling, Modelling
InstagramZayan Saifi
Nazim Ahmad
NameNazim Ahmed
Birth date1 September, 1996
EducationModern Public School, Moradabad 
HobbiesTravelling, Photoshoot
InstagramNazim ahmed
Wasim Ahmad
NameWasim Ahmad
Birth date12 July,1996
EducationAlam inter college, Muradabad
HobbiesGymming, Photoshoot
InstagramWasim ahmad

YouTube Statistics

Round2hell currently have 18.8 million subscribers at the time of writing.  They have more than 36 videos on their channel and is one of the top 10 You Tube channel of India. 

R2h members

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